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we strongly believe that our society depends on the quality of education to achieve its goals and wishes. Therefore, we value excellence, integrity, ethical and moral responsibility

About Mashreq University Faculties

Faculty of Technology and Community Development

Faculty of Technology and Community Development contains collages as follow:

  • Multimedia Diploma

    The Multimedia is considered to be the most effective means for searching and transferring of information. Mashreq University has pioneered the higher education institutions by introducing the multimedia studies; in response to the growing demand for experts in the developing and complex nature of the multimedia programs.

  • Telecommunication Engineering Diploma

    Transferring of electronic information at high speeds in a safe and secured manner has imposed a desperate need for qualified technicians capable of designing, implementing, administering, operating and directing the electronic information in the safest and most secured manners through reliable wired and wireless networking systems capable to expand and develop in future.

  • Electrical Engineering Diploma

    This program aims to graduate high qualified technicians in the field of Electrical Networks in terms of; connectivity, operation and maintenance. This program has.

  • Biomedical Engineering Diploma

    Biomedical Engineering is considered one of the latest Engineering Sciences that originated due to the development of modern Medicine, where in the near past doctors used to run all the Medicare operations like diagnoses, treatment and even the manufacture of the drug, nowadays the medical device becomes as a companion to the doctor in the diagnosis, treatments and monitoring of patients, that giving arise to the need for engineers to design medical equipment in accordance to the standards thus required them also to have the knowledge of medical science of Anatomy and Physiology of human body to understand the mechanism of each system and facilitate this knowledge in developing medical devices and instruments. Beside, minimize the risks of diagnoses due to medical instrumentation errors and poor QC.

  • Information Technology Diploma

    Like the student of honour BSc. in information technology, the diploma student has an equal opportunity of education, practice and job opportunities as well. However, a future plan to develop his academic skills by obtaining a degree in information technology is always available.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Successfully obtaining The Sudan High School Certificate or its equivalent in scientific studies or techno-industrial studies.
  • Obtaining of pass marks in the four compulsory subjects (English language, Arabic language, Religion studies and additional mathematics).
  • For Scientific collages: obtaining pass marks in Physics, Chemistry and one of the following subjects: Computer studies, engineering sciences, Art and Design, Fundamentals of Industries, Technical drawing, Workshops studies.

Terms of Admission

  • Success in Admission tests and interviews.
  • Commitment to abide with the University's rules, regulations and discipline.
  • Commitment to settle the complete amount of tuition fees in due time.


Multimedia Diploma

Telecommunication Engineering Diploma

Electrical Engineering Diploma

Biomedical Engineering Diploma

    Term 1

  • Islamic study – 1

  • Arabic study – 1

  • English study – 1

  • Calculus

  • General physics

  • General chemistry

  • Liner algebra and compound numbers

  • Introducing to computing

  • Technical drawing – 1

    Term 2

  • Islamic study – 2

  • Arabic study – 2

  • English study – 2

  • Bio physics

  • Bio chemistry

  • Electronic circuit

  • Anatomy and physiology – 1

  • Technical drawing – 2

  • Electrical circuit

    Term 3

  • Digital circuits

  • Analog circuits

  • Biomechanics

  • Bioscience

  • Anatomy and physiology – 2

  • AutoCAD

  • basic training

    Term 4

  • Biostatistics

  • Electric machine

  • Biomedical equipment

  • Electronic measurement

  • Medical imaging

  • Application of micro processor and microcontroller

    Term 5

  • Bio sensor and bio instrumentation

  • Radiation physics

  • nuclear medicine

  • Ultra Sound Medicine Biophysics’ training

    Term 6

  • Radio therapy equipment

  • Radiation Protection

  • MRI

  • Final year project

Information Technology Diploma


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