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About Mashreq University Faculties

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology contains collages as follow:

  • Software Engineering

    The program aims to studying the best ways and means of designing, building and maintaining software systems using the computer science programming results; particularly the application of theories in the process of system design and build-up. The program combines between the theories and the means of implementation in practicing of software engineering. Hence, particular attention is given to focusing towards the capability of developing software using adequately selected programming languages such as C++, JAVA, UNIX, WINDOWS and Chart Graphics, compatible systems, concurrent systems and methodology.

  • Information Technology

    This program aims to preparing qualified workers for the various areas of work in information systems capable of selecting the appropriate system for a particular institution; able to develop an effective, reliable, secure and progressive systems in accordance with the functions and objectives of the particular institution. The ability to make the management of the constitutions understands the components of the infrastructure for the information system and the ways of utilizing it and its future impact in the development of the institution's administration and management. Effectively contribute with the information system specialists in its technical support.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Successfully obtaining The Sudan High School Certificate or its equivalent in scientific studies or techno-industrial studies.
  • Obtaining of pass marks in the four compulsory subjects (English language, Arabic language, Religion studies and additional mathematics).
  • For Scientific collages: obtaining pass marks in Physics, Chemistry and one of the following subjects: Computer studies, engineering sciences, Art and Design, Fundamentals of Industries, Technical drawing, Workshops studies.

Terms of Admission

  • Success in Admission tests and interviews.
  • Commitment to abide with the University's rules, regulations and discipline.
  • Commitment to settle the complete amount of tuition fees in due time.


Software Engineering

Information Technology


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